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As a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 24 years’ experience across consulting, business performance improvement, risk, internal audit and advisory, Shirley Tewary (founder of ST Consulting) is passionate about building sustainability and long-term customised solutions for her clients.

Shirley’s drive for improving performance and enhancing people’s lives led her to establish ST Consulting in 2017. With a core focus on financial reporting, risk & controls, governance, and accountability, ST Consulting thrives on delivering sustainable, business-imperative solutions to clients.

With partner-led projects, every client – regardless of size – benefits from Shirley’s extensive local and global Big 4 firm experience. By delivering solutions that clients trust, ST Consulting continues to grow and thrive.

At the heart of every project, are people.

When ST Consulting & Advisory starts a project, the right people are brought in, at the right time – under Shirley’s leadership – to ensure that our clients get the best expertise and experience, and the best value for money.
Our teams are dedicated, engaged and committed to the values that ST Consulting & Advisory embodies. With each client, we ensure that project sustainability is enhanced by training, coaching and mentoring their teams, building people before processes, and putting hearts and minds before budgets.

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What we offer

Our services focus primarily on Governance and Leadership, Risk Management and Performance and Controls and Enablement.
Our solutions are customised according to each client’s needs, and range in depth from detailed to high level strategic approaches. We take on a customised approach for each of our projects, delivering according to the project’s specific needs. Our approach is developed specifically to produce the most effective and sustainable implementation to ensure our clients objectives are met.

An internal audit provides assurance that your organisation’s internal controls are operating effectively and in compliance with laws and regulations. An effective internal audit ensures that accurate and timely financial reporting and data collection is maintained. As an independent, objective, and external activity, it enhances the integrity of your organisation’s performance.

Comprehensive risk management is the process of identifying, evaluating, and controlling – or mitigating – the threats that challenge an organisation’s achievement of their strategic objectives. Our approach to risk management assists clients to proactively mitigate risk, optimise opportunities and consequently improve performance.

We support CFOs in fulfilling their mandate to responsibly manage the finances of the organisation, comply with standards and legislation, optimise the decision-making process by providing relevant and useful financial information, while adopting an all of business approach. We also offer support on core finance functions, financial reporting, supply chain management, revenue to cash, procure to pay and internal control enhancement.

Proactively identifying, analysing and improving existing business processes, products or services within a company is an ongoing effort that ensures continued achievement of quality standards and enhanced delivery performance. ST Consulting’s approach is to assist our clients enhance strategic, operational or financial processes to manage the risks and implement the right controls to achieve a streamlined process that’s optimized.

Organisations need to respond to the ever-changing operating environment, markets and compliance landscapes by implementing turnaround or transformation projects and programs. These programs often cut across the entire organisation, divisions, staff and leadership structures. Our approach utilises leading practice methodologies to ensure that the project is planned, co-ordinated and implemented in a manner that manages the risks and realises the desired outcomes, ultimately improving the organisations performance.

Our intention on every project is to empower and enable the employees to implement the improved processes, that will ensure the on-going flow on of benefits to the organisation. Comprehensive training, coaching and mentorship are the cornerstone of every project.

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